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The Massive Impact Of The Facebook Data Scandal

What This Means For Marketers


  • Even though millions of people AREN’T ditching their FB accounts … they’re interacting with brands & ads MUCH LESS than they used to on FB Lost trust in a platform means lost trust in the companies that advertise on it...
  • Facebook has already limited the organic reach of brands in the news-feed, meaning to get results you’re going to have to pay...
  • Meanwhile, FB’s little brother Instagram keeps attracting MORE engaged users that LOVE to spend money … Consider the facts:

Traffic + Engagement + Action = PROFITS


EASY: Let OTHER People Send The Traffic FOR You

Instagram Is Home To THOUSANDS Of “Influence Marketers”
People With Large And Highly Engaged Followers.

Whenever These People Post, They Get MASSIVE Engagement.
And Their Followers Buy WHATEVER They’re Selling:

How Influencers Do The Selling FOR You

They ALREADY Have The Audience - As In, TRAFFIC Source - Meaning You Don’t Need A List, Online Presence Or Audience To Drive Sales & Profits

Their Followers Are Highly Engaged & HAPPY To Act On Their Recommendations - Meaning These People Can INSTANTLY Convert Views Into Conversions.

They Build Your Brand FOR YOU - A Single Post From The Right Influencer Can Instantly Position You As The Expert In Your Niche.

They Build Your Audience - Influencer Posts Will Increase Followers To YOUR Account, Making It Easier To Sell To More People In The Future.

Case Studies


Daniel Wellington (A Watch Brand) Went From A $15000 Start Up

To $220 Million In Revenue Using Influencer Marketing...

This is an example of how the now famous watch brand leveraged the influencer
@meiinpsn in a sponsored post to get almost more than 8K likes.

Daniel Wellington Went Onto To Engage Several Influencers In The Fashion Niche In Order To Get Direct Access To Their Target Audience.

They Saw The Power An Influencer Has And The Ability To


Adidas Launched An Influencer Based Campaign On Instagram And


They Leveraged Instagram Heavyweight Selina Gomez As Part Of Their Campaign, As A Natural Flow On Effect Adidas Gained An Additional 41000 Followers...

From Unknown Startups To INTERNATIONAL Brands...

Influencer Marketing Works!

Here's Where You May Be Thinking... This Could Cost A Lot Of Money!


You Can Get Targeted Influencers To Promote

To Promote Your Offers For The Price Of Takeout Dinner...

There are tens of thousands of Instagram “micro-influencers” - people with smaller, highly targeted followings. They’re not celebrities with 200K followers - but are REAL people with 1K-10K followers that are HIGHLY engaged.

These influencers are affordable & completely untapped by the competition. Result? Laser-targeted views to your offers and a MASSIVE ROI per campaign.

Forget struggling to get your high-price ads approved … or waiting for results … because when THESE people post your offers, the results are INSTANT:

And This Happens In Literally Any Niche With This Software!

Use It To Find The Right Influencer, And You Can Get


4,637 Likes And 250 Comments

In Just 13 Minutes...

Getting 400 Visitors & 16,000 Page Views

In Just 7 Days...

15,900 Like And Nearly 1k Comments

In Just 1 Hour...

Not Forgetting Earnings Over $1000 In Just

7 Days With A Brand New Store.

Instagram Influencers Are An UNTAPPED Goldmine For Profiting With ANY Product In Any Niche, Building Huge Followings AND Driving Unlimited Targeted Traffic...

Get More Traffic & Sales While Building Your Brand Using


The Biggest Brands On The Planet Are Heavily Investing

On Influencers  And Using Instagram As Their Go-To Advertising Platform...

Why Do Brand Names Use Influencer Marketing? 3 Words


Influencer Marketing Content Drives 11 TIMES HIGHER ROI Than Traditional Marketing Channels..., May 2018

But Does It Work For Everyday Marketers? YOU BET

Check Out This Case Study From A Recent Campaign Of Ours:

Look! 4100+ Clicks In Just 7 Days

Good Luck Getting That On Facebook Or Google Adwords...

Instagram Influencer Marketing WORKS - But How?

First, you need to find influencers & then convince them to promote your offers. It’s CRITICAL to find influencers that are a perfect fit for your brand if you want to maximize results.

Once you find them, you’ve got to make them want to work with you... which means building a relationship so they get ‘fully invested’ in your campaign - and that will convert more of their followers into traffic, leads & sales for you.

So The Obvious Questions Are:

  • How do you find influencers that are a PERFECT fit for your products and offers?
  • How do you decide if a potential influencer can get you results?
  • How do you connect with and make deals with these influencers?

800 million users is a LOT of people. Manually searching for influencers isn’t something anyone has time for.

That’s why we developed a cloud-based software that lets you find the biggest influencers in any niche - in literally seconds.

Then - qualify these influencers to see if they’re a perfect fit for your offers...

And finally, give you a way to connect with them so you EASILY set up traffic-driving campaigns.


Insta Engage

A Revolutionary All In One Cloud Based Software That Will Enable
You To Tap Into Any Market, Sell Any Product & Generate You...

MORE Traffic * Leads * Sales * Traffic

InstaEngage 2.0 Is The Ultimate AUTOMATED Traffic Machine

Kiss Your Traffic Struggles Goodbye FOREVER...

4000 Visitors & 16,000 Pageviews In Just 7 Days:

Turn Traffic Into Sales

Look At These Sales Coming Day In, Day Out! You Can Do This Too.

InstaEngage 2.0 Is A Fully Automated Software

That Finds & CONNECTS With Influencers To Remove ALL The

Guesswork Of Sourcing PROFITABLE Traffic...

EVERYTHING You Need For Rinse & Repeat, Profitable Campaigns In ONE Dashboard:

InstaEngage 2.0 Lets YOU:

Discover - Find influencers who build pages around passion rather than money. Allows you to advertise on these for pennies on the dollar.

Choose the right influencers - Measure engagement, likes, comments quickly and easily. Analysing hundreds of influencers in seconds rather than hours.

Save Time - With the ability to find hundreds of untapped influencers in seconds you can spend more time with friends, family, growing your business etc.

Minimize Cost - Using websites like shoutcart you may pay upward of $100 per hour to advertise on a medium sized page - only a few thousand. Using our software we would able to get a post in front of 5 MILLION people for under $80.

Profits & Leads In A Single Day?

Watch This Demo To See How EASY It Is:

Sell Without Limits With InstaEngage 2.0:

Promote ANY Offer On ANY Platform...

InstaEngage 2.0 Is 4 Step Simple

And You Won’t Need ANY Experience To Get Results!


Find Influencers

Use the handy keyword search tool to find influencers in your niche or market.


Qualify Potential Influencers

Evaluate the # of followers & engagement patterns of potential influencers... so you can connect with the BEST traffic sources for your campaigns.


Create A Campaign

Here you’ll use the BUILT-IN graphics designer to create an engaging post you can share with your influencer... making it point & click simple for THEM to send traffic straight to your offers!


Connect With Your Influencers Via Email

Right Inside Your Dash You Can Create & Send Emails To Potential Influencers... Track When They Open... And Follow-Up Until You Lock Down Deals With The Very BEST Influencers In Your Niche!

With Insta Engage, YOU’RE In Control

Set Your Terms & Decide How Much Money You’ll Make Using
VIRAL Content & The ESTABLISHED Authority Of Others.

ELIMINATE The Middle Man And Grab 100% Of The Profits

There Are Certain ‘Influencer’ Services That Connect You With Potential Influencers...
And Take A HEFTY Chunk Of Your Profits.

With InstaEngage 2.0, You Skip The Middleman And Connect Directly With The Influencers That Get YOU Paid. More Profits For You, Less Hassles For Them... WIN WIN.

Hands-Down The BEST & EASIEST Way To Drive Online Traffic

With influencers on your side, you can effortlessly drive traffic to any offer. You’ll be surprised by just how easy it is to leverage someone ELSE’S audience, even if you’re brand new.


No Previous Marketing Or Instagram Experience Required.

ALL You Need Is An Offer. CPA, Affiliate, Ecom, Lead Page... Or Whatever You Can Imagine... The Software Takes Care Of The Rest.

And That’s Not All. Grab InstaEngage 2.0 Now And We’ll Include The Following

EXCLUSIVE Bonus Training Bonus Training

BONUS: $1200 In 7 Days In A BRAND NEW Niche

Step By Step Coverage Of EXACTLY How We Drove Over 1200 In Sales In 7 Days In A Completely New Niche With No List, No Audience & No Following.

100% Compliant With Instagram Terms & Conditions

There Are A Lot Of Software Offers ‘Promising’ To Help You Profit With Instagram. Thing Is, Instagram Has A Very SPECIFIC Set Of Terms & Conditions. If Your Software Or Method Doesn’t Comply, You Can Get You Account Banned Overnight.

InstaEngage 2.0 Complies With EVERY Term Within Instagram’s User Policy... We’ve Tested It Ourselves Over & Again, And This Software Exceeds Instagram’s STRICTEST Codes Of Compliance. Your Account Is In Safe Hands When Using This Software As Described.

You’ll Never Have To Worry About

We’ll show you EXACTLY how to find the best traffic & sales opportunities. They’re waiting for you... and we’ll show you what to say, who to say it to and HOW.

If You Can Follow A Simple Step-By-Step Process... YOU Can Make Money!

Using InstaEngage 2.0 You Can Now Leverage Instagram

In A Way No Other Software Has Before...

  • Access Exclusive Niche-Selection Training To Penetrate Even More Buying Niches.
  • Make Multiple Campaigns And Tap Into Any Niche.
  • The Inbuilt Graphics Creator Means No Need To Pay For Expensive Designers.
  • Everything Is Point-And-Click, No Technical Experience Necessary.
  • Create Unlimited Campaigns & Sell Unlimited Products.
  • Forget About The Hassle (& Cost) Of Facebook Ads.
  • Sell Unlimited Products Without Ever Creating A Product.
  • Mac And PC Compatible With Nothing To Download And Nothing To Install.

Here’s What You Get With InstaEngage 2.0

  • Instant Access To The Web-Based Software.
  • Video AND PDF Training On How To Use The App.
  • Immediate Access To The Graphics Creator To Pre-Design Winning Posts That Maximize Traffic.
  • Built-In Emailer Ready To Send Out Emails ANY Time.
  • Complete Training On How To Craft Emails To Influencers That Get Them EAGER To Promote Your Offers.
  • Full Support Desk Access - To Answer Any Questions You May Have.

How Do You Know It’ll Work For You? Simple.


Guarantee Box icon-style-25

The InstaEngage 2.0 UNCONDITIONAL 100% Money Back Guarantee

Grab InstaEngage 2.0 along with the training and bonuses, and take it for a spin for the next 30 days, completely risk-free.

We guarantee that when you follow the training and use the software, you’ll start seeing an immediate increase in clicks and engagement & following.

We further guarantee that you won’t find a simpler or easier way to get free traffic with InstaEngage without paying MUCH more for software’s that deliver considerably less, and not to mention with a monthly fee attached to it, unlike InstaEngage …

For now anyway, If at ANY point you have a technical issue, just contact our support team and we’ll work with you personally to solve any problem in record time But if in the highly unlikely event you’re not thrilled with the results you get, just ask for a refund. We’ll send your low one-time fee back immediately.

So invest today with 100% confidence, knowing your investment is completely covered and you have nothing to risk.

Remember, InstaEngage 2.0 Means:

  • No Monthly Fees.
  • 24/7 Support And STEP BY STEP Video Training
  • Get Started Today With Zero Experience, No List And No Prior Audience.
  • Nothing To Download - Access The Software From Any Internet-Connected Device.
  • Enter & Dominate ANY Niche You Choose

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